digital love letters are respectful, infrequent digital correspondence about publishing, initiated by pixelcraftbooks.

Emails can be more than work load delivered to your inbox. They can be conversations, a storytelling medium, knowledge repositories or ephemeral pieces of art. Let’s make it so.

We will write only when we find something to be excited about. If we do find something to nerd out about, we will pour our heart and soul into crafting a letter around that theme. The contents of each letter are germane to the act of writing it. No repurposed articles, no landing pages.

All letters and all the conversations that follow will be exclusive to the realm of emails. Sign up below to be part of it. Share it from your inbox, if you feel it’s worth passing on. If you would like to catch up on past letters, we love to accommodate you: just write us an email.

Apparently some spam bots fell in love with our love letters. Unfortunately that means we’ll have to close the signup area until we find time to sort out the problem.

Subjects so far:

  1. The email, playground for innovation in publishing. Strength in simplicity.

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