privacy policy

last updated: March 26 2016

You can peruse our pages without giving out personal details like name, address, email etc. Wherever we ask, you are free to decline. When you trust us with your details, we will never give it away to third parties without your expressed consent. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the safety of transferring data on the internet in general.

We ask for your name and email address to deliver our news letter to you. We will only use that information to send you the updates you requested. You can revoke this permission at any time. Just cancel your subscription by hitting the unsubscribe-button in the email.

Our contact information as per our imprint is explicitely not an invitation to unsolicited advertisements. If you still choose to pester us with spam, we reserve the right to legal action.

Our web services provider monitors and stores data in its server log files: browser kind, browser version, operating system, referrer, host name and time of request to the server are automatically transferred to the log files. Used like this, these data can not identify you. They are used for failure analysis, like the dreaded 404-message. We do not cross-reference these data with other sources. We reserve the right to inspect them whenever there is evidence for fraudulent use of our services.

We use cookies only where necessary to give you a better user experience. Our servers may track who they are interacting with while completing subsequent steps of a transaction, for example. Cookies are small text files that your browser stores for such purposes. You can always deactivate cookies in your browser and limit the experience on our web site as you wish.

For some transactions (like selling content) we use the Gumroad service. We get no insight into the data and its use from this service provider. Please refer to the Gumroad privacy policy.

You have the right of insight into your personal information, their origin and use, at any time, free of cost. You also have the right to rectify or delete said information. Please contact us via the address given in the imprint to that end, or if you have questions about our privacy policy.