2016 March 26

We are live.

The pixelcraftbooks publishing lab is open. We help help publishers design meaningful experiences with and around books. To create magic encounters.

The digital infrastructure for our lab is ready for action. There is a humming noise coming from the engine room and the first showcases are lit. Around our new home page you will find

  • our news board where we document milestones and new products,
  • our research notes where we document and explain experiments from our ongoing reasearch,
  • our agnostic digital printing press that serves as both a publishing tool and a publishing platform for digital book projects — free and open source.

And a few more prototypes are almost ready to expand this list.

At the Leipzig Book Fair 2016 we were able to demonstrate how digital Books can fit into a physical space. We showcased a distribution method that gives a physical quality to ebooks for book fairs, book stores and libraries. And we showcased a user interface that turns accessing a digital library into an experience of space.

We thank Tilda Marleen Verlag and especially Caspar Armster, edel & electric, mikrotext, CulturBooks and iRights.Media. Their ebooks were presented at the book fair. We are still finishing our report and a thorough introduction to the relevant technology.

Another news letter? Not quite. Instead of creating yet another vehicle or platform we want to capture the ephemeral quality of an intimate conversation among peers.

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